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The competition

The competition

Compete for the global championship at the KPMG International Case Competition.

Become a champion.

This event will challenge and inspire you, testing you and your team’s ability to analyze and respond to realistic business scenarios. In 2018, there was an Innovation Challenge on Day 1 which mixed up country teams into new groupings, made up of four participants from different countries. The competition format varies from year to year but teams should be ready for anything.

During each stage of the competition, teams will be given a detailed case study to consider – and the rest is up to you. For each round, you and three teammates will have three hours to:

  • review the dossier you've been given
  • identify and analyze key business issues
  • develop a compelling set of recommendations
  • prepare an engaging presentation for the judges.

When you emerge from your team headquarters, you will present your ideas to a panel of experienced KPMG firms’ partners and leaders. The judges will listen to your presentation and ask challenging questions, playing the role of the client. You will be held to the same standards of excellence that we expect from KPMG professionals. And if you have the innovative and agile thinking our judges are looking for, you’ll advance through the next rounds of competition.

Do you have what it takes to be the next KPMG International Case Competition champion?

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