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The competition rounds

The competition rounds

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end?

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end?

Ideation workshops

KPMG will host the Ideation Workshops and help your team innovate and make the biggest impact possible. Participants will test their abilities by cracking complex, real business issues through creative, AR and data-driven ideas. The opportunity is unique and custom-built to engage the best STEM and business students in the real-world business issues that organizations are facing in today’s complex and disruptive market. It will be a truly immersive and unique experience – not only will you test your ideas and thinking against the best students in the market, you’ll also learn about your team and yourself, and come away with techniques around innovative thinking that you’ll use well after the Ideation Workshops have concluded.

The workshops are 2 hours in duration. Please note that the 2018 local Ideation Workshops have now concluded, but get in touch with your local KPMG campus recruiter for details about our campus programs and future competitions.


Co-development weekend

The two finalist teams will work alongside KPMG D&A and AR experts, as well as their academic mentors, to co-develop their innovative ideas over the course of one co-development weekend. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your idea transform into reality. The co-developed concepts will then be presented to the KPMG Global Judging Panel who will choose the winning team. This team will be invited to the KPMG Lighthouse Summit in Paris, taking place in October 2018.

Please note: KPMG will not develop any of the ideas unless approval is given by the full student team.


KPMG Lighthouse Summit

The winning team will receive an exclusive invitation to KPMG’s Lighthouse Summit in Paris, France in October 2018. The team will get an inside view into the world of innovation and digitalization and how this is changing the business world, and have the opportunity to network with D&A industry leaders. If that’s not enough, the team will present their idea on a global platform in front of top business professionals. The opportunities after that are endless.

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