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KPMG Ideation Challenge

KPMG Ideation Challenge

Join some of the brightest STEM students in the world for an immersive, collaborative and tech-fueled learning experience.

Code. Create. Captivate. and unleash your potential.

How can AI be used to improve lives? Now’s your chance to fire up your synapses and solve the problems of tomorrow using artificial intelligence.

Every day, KPMG professionals help clients transform their businesses using the latest technologies, innovative service delivery models and strategic alliances with technology leaders. The Ideation Challenge gives you the opportunity to experience this first hand, as you work in teams to tackle business issues being faced by companies all over the world.

Join some of the brightest students in the world in an immersive, collaborative and technology-fuelled learning experience to crack complex issues with data-driven ideas and the power of technology.

Are you up for the challenge? Read on to get involved.

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