@gov is a new digital magazine for decision-makers in governments and public sector organizations. Through regular publishing of thought-provoking articles, blogs, podcasts and videos, we will provide insights governments can use to navigate a changing world and get ahead of emerging societal needs. 

Our first theme for @gov is innovation in technology. Within these pages we will explore topics ranging from cyber security, to digital identity, to the strategic use of mobile and social media by governments.  

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Virtual agents, the next efficiency measure

Governments are experimenting with virtual agents with human-like sensory...

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Predictive analytics in service of vulnerable citizens

The potential of predictive analytics is coming to the fore in the way that...

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Autonomous vehicle: The public policy imperatives

Five areas where AVs will have significant implications for public policy and service.

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Digital labor: the next frontier

Digital labor is an opportunity for governments to offer better services to constituents.

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