KPMG OnDemand

KPMG OnDemand

Give you access to our highly trained professionals at competitive rates for short-term secondments.

Give you access to our highly trained professionals for short-term secondments.

Resource gaps and peak or adhoc workloads often require immediate short term resources when you don’t have the time to organize them. That’s exactly where KPMG OnDemand can help.

Why KPMG OnDemand?

  • KPMG OnDemand gives you direct access to our leading, highly skilled and trusted professionals when you need it.
  • Our people are experienced tax, accounting and advisory professionals.
  • We regularly train our people to ensure they are across the latest reporting and regulatory requirements.
  • Our people are keen, capable and eager to work with your business.

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We provide a wide range of capabilities through KPMG OnDemand.

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