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Business Effectiveness

Business Effectiveness

We help companies identify risks and optimize operations that are used to support their strategic business objectives and financial goals.

Support strategic business objectives and financial goals.

Business Effectiveness teams focus on fundamental business issues — managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs — which all organizations, in all industries, should address in order to flourish. We help companies identify risks and optimize operations that are used to support their strategic business objectives and financial goals.

How we can help

Organisations have a range of options to help them manage and improve performance, including process and control design, shared services models and outsourcing. Our firms’ Business Effectiveness professionals seek to empower clients to make better business decisions — decisions that are at the heart of successful business transformation and change management efforts. 

Our professionals bring extensive experience and work collaboratively with clients, advising them on a multitude of topics, including:

Corporate Diagnostic Assessments

  • Our professionals perform a quick assessment of the operational performance, internal processes, organisational structure, and IT systems' capabilities to help identify risks and efficiency gaps. We deliver a detailed analytical report explaining major deficiencies and a proposed remediation plan prioritised based on costs and efforts needed.

Working Capital Management

  • Our policies and techniques aim at managing cash, inventory and debtors. Together with the client we review the working capital cycle and identify risks and weaknesses helping the company to manage their working capital more effectively.

Cost Optimisation

  • Our cost optimisation programme enables companies to identify opportunities to reduces their operations costs while improving performance. This approach provides seamless intergration through every stage of the optimisation process from identification to realisation by leveraging our expericence in procurement, inventory management, working capital, sourcing, supply chain and tax.

Organisation Design

  • KPMG uses a proven, evidence-based approach which facilitates collaboration but also incorporates key accountabilities, sign-off and  decision-making, resulting in a pragmatic and workable design for the organisation within tight timescales.

Our process aligns stakeholders behind a strategy and its implications, ensuring that they consider how they will organise their teams and how they work to operationalise and achieve that strategy.

Our approach works at any level of an organisation - from transforming the operating model across the entire company, to reviewing and increasing the effectiveness of just one team, and at any stage of organisational growth - from start-up to long-established operations.

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