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International Corporate Tax

International Corporate Tax

Services that help multinational companies with the international tax aspects of their cross-border business.

Decisions can affect your tax risk profile, global effective tax rate & cash tax exposure

Where to locate, what choice of entity, how to finance global operations

These fundamental decisions can have a critical impact on a multinational’s tax risk profile, global effective tax rate, and cash tax exposure.

What’s more, in-house tax professionals are often challenged on many fronts simultaneously and are faced with shorter decision time frames. For example, these executives must ensure that tax planning remains appropriate given changes in business operations and is consistent with the company’s culture.

At the same time, they must keep track of frequent changes in tax regulations in multiple jurisdictions and growing compliance and internal control requirements.

Lastly, they must accomplish these tasks as they face greater scrutiny of tax decisions by an increasing range of regulators.

KPMG LLP's International Tax professionals provide specialized services to support our clients’ international and cross-border activities, including:

  • Global effective tax rate planning
  • International tax planning for business change in areas such as intellectutal property planning, cloud computing, cross-border mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, corporate reorganizations and internal group restructurings, and legal entity rationalization
  • Value management, encompassing supply and value chain management
  • Global capital structure planning, including efficient cross-border finance, repatriation, and cash-access planning
  • International tax reporting and compliance, and global compliance management 
  • International tax provision computation, compliance, and assistance
  • International tax dispute resolution 
  • U.S. advice, planning, and compliance for non-U.S. multinationals
  • U.S. and foreign advice coordination (e.g., foreign advice rendered by KPMG International member firms or other local country advisers)
  • U.S. and foreign quantitative determinations including foreign tax credit and earnings and profits computations and assistance

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.

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