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Global Incentive Compensation

Global Incentive Compensation

Addressing incentive compensation compliance challenges.

Addressing incentive compensation compliance challenges.

Recognizing the risks of non-compliance

The risks of non-compliance for incentive compensation programs have become increasingly more complex and a frequent target of numerous taxing jurisdictions.

  • Multi-jurisdictional tax complexity—for example, what taxes need to be withheld and what income needs to be reported for which period? Which tax treaties apply? To stay on top of these complex rules you need quick, accurate answers about reporting and withholding obligations in all the jurisdictions in which you have (or have had) mobile employees.
  • Processing challenges—this requires gathering data from multiple sources and facilitating execution by numerous stakeholders, all while providing timely settlement of the incentive and clear understanding of tax obligations and net pay to your employees.
  • Risks of non-compliance—such risks are not simply limited to tax, penalties and interest, they can extend to your company’s reputation and your employees’ confidence in the process.

Technology that puts you in the driver's seat

The KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker is a web-based tool for tracking, reporting and managing the compliance obligations associated with the delivery of incentive compensation to mobile employees. Its broad-ranging and advanced functionality puts you firmly in control--reducing complexity while providing consistency, accuracy and transparency.

Global Equity Tracker offers:

  • End-to-end management, from initial data collection to provision of clear output to internal and external stakeholders including payroll, share plan administrators, finance, tax and employee participants themselves
  • Comprehensive global scope, with total automation and backed by a commitment to cover any type of incentive arrangement and every jurisdiction you require (currently for more than 140 countries)
  • Relevant application, with flexibility to be configurable to your particular needs and scalability to get your compliance processes up and running quickly—no matter where your process stands currently or the size of your global footprint

Accelerating the path forward

The KPMG Global Incentive Compensation team, working with Global Equity Tracker, has the experience and the commitment to establish quickly where you are today, where you need to be tomorrow and the right path to get you there quickly.

KPMG Global Equity Tracker is part of our comprehensive suite of technology for managing mobile employees, easily linking to other tools to help manage your unique needs.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.

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