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Global Mobility

Global Mobility Services

KPMG LLP's Global Mobility Services helps you plan and manage your international workforce.

Helping you plan and manage your international workforce.

Moving your global workforce forward

Competing in a global marketplace requires a nimble workforce that is the right size and has the right skills at just the right times. And that's no easy feat. Not to mention the costly and complex challenges of managing compensation, health care, tax compliance requirements and global mobility on an international scale.

KPMG’s Global Mobility Services (GMS) can help. Our team of experienced professionals and our local knowledge of international markets can help global companies better manage their international mobile workforce.

Global Mobility Services

We offer a wide range of services to meet your global mobility needs. These include:

  • International Assignment Tax Compliance: Assisting international assignees with the preparation and completion of their individual tax returns and other compliance obligations
  • Mobility Consulting: Assisting multinational organizations administer and improve their global assignment program, policies and processes; customizing an international human resources advisory approach that provides a broad and deep analysis of mobility programs 
  • Employment Tax: Providing assistance on a variety of U.S. payroll tax related issues; liaising between companies and their third-party payroll vendor to improve coordination, accuracy and accountability 
  • Global Incentive Compensation: Helping to satisfy complex multi-country payroll reporting and withholding obligations in a timely and cost-effective manner 
  • Global Business Travelers: Managing the risks created by domestic or international business travelers – tax, social security and entry requirements 
  • Compensation and Benefits: Advising companies on tax issues and market practices associated with compensation and benefit programs, and helping with talent retention 
  • KPMG LINK Work Force Technology: Supporting services related to tax compliance management, compensation collection, cost projection / financial modeling and international assignment program management  
  • Tax and Social Security Advisory: Assisting multinational organizations review and analyze complex social security situations affecting globally mobile employees 
  • International Tax Exempt Services: Helping not-for-profit organizations better understand and confront the challenges faced when pursuing their global goals

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Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates.            

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