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A transformative approach to compliance

A transformative approach to compliance management

Managing tax compliance in today's environment can be difficult. Changes in accounting standards, tax regulation, globalization, and obtaining accurate data are just a few of the many challenges organizations face. As a result, there is a greater emphasis to develop and execute a tax compliance strategy that meets the ever-changing expectations of regulators, auditors and most importantly contributes and adds value to your company's strategic objectives.

KPMG take a transformative approach to support your compliance management.  Using Lean Six Sigma methodology our professionals work with you to understand your current compliance state, define an enhanced state, and develop and execute a practical plan to help you achieve your company's strategic goals. 

KPMG's Compliance Management Services provides:  

  • A scalable compliance platform that is customized to individual company requirements and provides flexibility to move up or down the sourcing continuum as business needs change.
  • Innovative technology to help tackle compliance challenges. We work with leading third-party tax compliance and provision tools in tandem with KPMG's proprietary workpaper and data and analytic solutions to help reduce total costs, drive value, and increase quality.
  • Data specialists to help develop a comprehensive data strategy so the data you retrieve provides value and insight.
  • Local delivery teams supported by national and global Centers of Excellence.

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