Watch how innovation enhances the future of audit

Watch how innovation enhances the future of audit

We continually develop innovative technologies that enhance quality and strengthen the relevance of our audit into the future.


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When it comes to delivering an audit, quality is KPMG’s top priority. Our commitment to quality is reflected through our people, processes, utilizing innovative technologies to deliver high-quality audits.


KPMG is committed to think boldly when it comes to audit innovation. We are making significant investments in enhanced methodologies, new technologies, and strategic alliances with leading technology companies that we believe will have a transformative impact on auditing and, more broadly, financial reporting.

Financial Reporting

KPMG Financial Reporting View (FRV) focuses on major new standards (including revenue recognition, leases and financial instruments) – and also covers existing US GAAP, IFRS, SEC matters, broad transactions and more.

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