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Privately Speaking

Issue 1 - CEOs speak: On the minds of private company CEOs

KPMG recently surveyed almost 100 US-based private company CEOs to find out about their growth strategies, challenges and forecasts for the future.

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Issue 2 - Betting on the machines: How will the revolution change your business?

Venture capital investment in artificial intelligence is on the rise.

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Issue 3 - White House in 2017: The only certainty is that there will be uncertainty

2017 personal year-end planning and the outlook for U.S. tax reform.

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Issue 4 - Nine drivers of startup success

Learn about the 9 key business drivers that entrepreneurs, founders and start-up executives will need to consider if they hope to grow their company.

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Issue 5 - Cloud: Out of sight, but top of mind

KPMG's Brian Hughes, National Private Markets Group Leader, looks at the changing Cloud marketplace and explores the five key risks that every private company decision-maker should be thinking about. 

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Issue 6 - Who might benefit from tax reform?

In this edition, we provide private companies a closer look at both of the recent tax reform proposals, one from the House Republicans (the blueprint) and the other from the Trump Administration.

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Issue 7 - The implications of healthcare reform

This issue addresses recent healthcare reform proposals that may have a significant impact on the tax position, hiring plans, and growth strategy of privately held companies.

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Issue 8 - Avoiding common pitfalls: Preparing for an IPO

Since IPOs are complex undertakings, it is critical to acknowledge that there are many continuously moving parts that need to be managed – including the costs and the IPO itself.

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Issue 9 - Understanding the border-adjustment tax

A deeper look at the proposed border-adjustment tax and guidance to private companies as they plan for the future.

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Issue 10 - Informal compliance management is no longer an option

We uncover key findings from our CCO Survey which identified strengths,
weaknesses, and trends in compliance programs across major organizations in
seven industries.

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Issue 11 - Getting comfortable with cyber: The boardroom lens

Many private company boards are starting to recognize that the best cyber security response does not start with technology, but rather, the board and the business.

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Issue 12 - Your roadmap to success

In this issue we introduce, The Entrepreneur's Roadmap: From Concept to IPO. This guide offers keen insights to help growth company leaders navigate every stage of the journey.

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Issue 13 - Winning the connected consumer

This issue explores the results of a recent KPMG survey of nearly 1,200 U.S. consumers to gain insight into the needs of the connected consumer.

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Issue 14 - CEO Outlook 2017: The view from the U.S. private markets

In this edition, we highlight some of the key results from our survey of private market CEOs from across the U.S. to learn more about their growth outlooks and strategic priorities.

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Issue 15 - Become a better leader: Learning from CEOs

Gain insight on topics such as leadership, strategy, innovation, and culture from 40 of America’s best and brightest CEOs and founders of private companies.

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Issue 16 - New centralized IRS partnership audit regime: Are you prepared?

This issue highlights the new proposed regulations issued June 14, 2017 that apply to all partnerships required to file a U.S. tax return.

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Issue 17 - Getting ready for an exit: 409A valuation and other complex equity compensation issues

In this issue we highlight the importance of valuations for private companies and provide insights to help business leaders understand the valuation process and techniques. 

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Issue 18 - The world is shrinking with more companies expanding abroad

Learn about the business opportunities and challenges that private company leaders should consider when expanding into high growth markets (HGMs).

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Issue 19 - 2018 Personal Tax Planning Guide

This issue highlights KPMG LLP’s 2018 Personal Tax Planning Guide and provides valuable information and tips to help privately held business owners and executives with their tax planning.

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Issue 20 - Ascend to the cloud, but attend to the risks

Learn about the risks private companies face when moving to the cloud and how companies can manage the risks to unlock broad cloud value.  

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Privately Speaking Series

Privately Speaking tackles the issues that private and venture capital backed companies care about most. In each edition we share insights, as well as practical, actionable tips, to help boards and executive management grow, strengthen and transition their privately-held businesses. 

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