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Venture Pulse

Venture Pulse

Quarterly report on global trends in venture capital investing.


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Venture Pulse

Welcome to the Venture Pulse

Venture Pulse  is a quarterly report highlighting key trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the venture capital market globally and in key regions around the world. The report covers a range of issues such as financing and deal sizes, unicorns, industry highlights, and corporate investment.

Highlights from the Venture Pulse Q2 2018 report

  • The first quarter of 2018 recorded a truly massive tally of venture capital (VC) invested worldwide, with the final figure landing at well over $50 billion once all data was collected. But even that mammoth sum pales in comparison to what the second quarter of 2018 recorded: $69 billion+

  • U.S. VC investors continued to focus on late-stage deals in Q2’18. The rapid maturation of industries considered cutting edge just a few years ago such as food delivery, online lending and ride-hailing—combined with a slow IPO market prior to 2018 has led to a number of late-stage companies looking to the VC market to fuel growth and market leadership plays.

  • Pent-up demand and positive post-IPO performance contributed to a continued resurgence in U.S. IPO activity in Q2’18. Positive exits by Docusign and Zuora this quarter, combined with strong IPOs by Dropbox, Zscaler, and others earlier in the year, helped to spur a renewed interest in IPO exits more broadly. Investors have also taken the long-term performance by companies like Twilio, now 2 years post-IPO, as proof that alternative business models can work and have longevity.

Learn more about Q2 venture investment activity in the latest Venture Pulse report.

>> Download the latest report: Venture Pulse Q2 2018

The Pulse Series

Venture Pulse and The Pulse of Fintech

The quarterly Venture Pulse and bi-annual Pulse of Fintech reports analyze the latest global and regional investment trends and insights. Included in the reports are comprehensive analyses on the lifecycle of venture capital investments as well as overall fintech investment across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Each quarter we share the latest valuations, financing, deal sizes, mergers & acquisitions, exits, corporate investment, and industry trends.

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