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Medicare Advantage Insights Study

Medicare Advantage Insights Study

Medicare Advantage may help health plans transition from “volume to value”


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Medicare Advantage Insights Study

The hypothesis that Medicare Advantage could be an important driver in the evolving value-based healthcare system led KPMG to work with Strategic Health Perspectives to initiate the Medicare Advantage Strategies Study.

This paper:

  • Provides an overview of Medicare Advantage growth and retention rates.
  • Examines the consumer behaviors that health plans should consider as they structure and market Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Looks at how health plans can work with pharmaceutical companies to influence consumer pharmacy preferences and drive enrollment in Medicare Advantage.
  • Highlights advantages health plans can communicate to providers who join Medicare Advantage networks.
  • Gives an overview of how health plans currently view Medicare Advantage in relation to their long-term growth plans.
  • Provide insight into how companies can work with KPMG to plan and execute business transformation strategies that include Medicare Advantage as a means of controlling costs and raising quality.

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