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KPMG’s Alternative Investments Illustrative Financial Statements 2016

KPMG’s Alternative Investments Illustrative...

The Illustrative Financial Statements is a highly regarded industry guide that provides the hedge fund community with a wide-ranging guidebook of sample U.S. GAAP financial statements for private funds and includes examples for domestic, offshore, master/feeder, and fund of funds structures.


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In addition to our statements for hedge funds we are also launching our second annual “Private Equity Funds Illustrative Financial Statements”.

Together, these guides are designed to assist you in your year-end planning process.

Both guides include examples of:

• Statement of assets and liabilities
• Condensed schedule of investments
• Statement of operations
• Statement of changes in partners’ capital/net assets
• Statement of cash flows
• Notes to the financial statements.

Download Hedge Funds Illustrative Financial Statements

Download Private Equity Funds Illustrative Financial Statements

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