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KPMG and Thomson Reuters

KPMG and Thomson Reuters

Technology solutions for tax, trade, and transfer pricing



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Increased efficiency. Reduced risk. Improved compliance. Delivering these benefits to clients operating in U.S. and global markets is the cornerstone of KPMG LLP and Thomson Reuters (Tax & Accounting) Inc. (Thomson Reuters) seven-year alliance relationship. Consulting, integration, and implementation services from KPMG are coupled with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™—a leading software platform for addressing the complexities of tax and compliance. With joint collaboration and innovation, KPMG and Thomson Reuters can help meet your most pressing tax, trade, and transfer pricing needs.

Auditor independence KPMG complies with the auditor independence rules of the AICPA, SEC, PCAOB and DOL. As a result, certain alliance-based solutions cannot be offered by KPMG to our audit clients. KPMG audit clients should check with their respective lead audit partner for more information.

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