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The Washington Report | For the week ended September 30, 2016

The Washington Report | For the week September 30, 2016

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Safety and soundness

  • Federal Reserve Board proposes rules to ease capital plan and stress testing rules
  • OCC adopts final rule and guidelines for large bank recovery plans
  • BCBS issues FAQs related to its supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures
  • BCBS extends Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision to address financial inclusion
  • BIS Working Paper compares the risk-based capital ratios to the leverage ratio

Enterprise and consumer compliance

  • CFPB monthly complaint report highlights money transfers
  • Enforcement action


  • Federal Insurance Office releases fourth Annual Report on the Insurance Industry
  • House subcommittee conducts hearing on the impact of U.S.-EU dialogues on the U.S. insurance market
  • U.S. and EU continue to negotiate covered agreement

Capital markets and investment management

  • SEC adopts final rule establishing an enhanced regulatory framework for systemically significant securities clearing agencies and proposes enhanced oversight for CCPs, CSDs, and securities settlement systems
  • SEC  proposes to shorten the standard settlement cycle to two days after the trade date
  • CFTC adopts final rule expanding the clearing requirements for interest rate swaps
  • CFTC Chairman delivers keynote speech to SIFMA Annual Meeting
  • Enforcement actions

Financial crimes

  • Comptroller Curry delivers speech to Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Conference
  • Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action against a Chinese bank over AML compliance

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