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KPMG and CyberArk | Privileged account management

KPMG and CyberArk | Privileged account management

Protect your information with a tested privileged account security solution



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Privileged credentials represent “the keys to the IT kingdom.” Intended for use only by authorized administrators, privileged credentials have very little, if any, restrictions on their capabilities. These credentials unlock accounts that can be used to modify system configurations, access sensitive information, and even shut systems down, making them a preferred target of external attackers and malicious insiders alike. An untold number of global superpowers and Fortune 100 companies have fallen victim to privileged credential theft, resulting in malicious attacks on their data and disruptions of service that resulted in irreparable harm to their reputation and expensive, lengthy litigation.

It is critical that organizations properly secure privileged credentials, including passwords and Secure Shell (SSH) keys, by taking a comprehensive approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM).

Enforcing the appropriate controls and mechanisms to protect privileged accounts takes more than just a technology solution.  Many organizations purchase a PAM solution with a narrowly focused, single use case in mind. Whether that use case is secure password storage, or even basic tracking of the use of privileged accounts, this often leads to a lack of planning at the enterprise level. Technology should be used as enabler to drive the overall PAM program and strategy; not the other way around. The KPMG and CyberArk alliance takes this into consideration while engaging with clients to protect and monitor privileged accounts, as well as detect, alert, and respond to privileged account threats.


KPMG Cyber utilizes its extensive experience across diverse business and technical environments and various industries. This allows KPMG to better understand your organization’s risk exposure and organizational needs, enabling full consideration across people, process, and technology that helps you align security capabilities with your organization’s enterprise strategy and objectives.

When addressing privileged access management, KPMG Cyber builds upon experience performing security and identity assessments, developing enterprise security strategies and processes, and executing solution implementations. This leads to a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s current state and security posture, a detailed roadmap to improve in key areas to rapidly reduce risk and address compliance issues, and the subject matter professionals that can help you execute this roadmap to implement and operationalize capabilities while addressing the necessary technological and people-based changes that may be needed.

CyberArk Privileged Account Security

The CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution combines multiple technology modules in a single broad solution. Designed from the ground up with security in mind, the CyberArk solution can serve as a critical component in helping your organization secure, manage and control access to privileged user and application credentials to help you proactively prevent the abuse and misuse of privileged accounts. The software can also help you monitor and analyze privileged account activity to quickly detect and respond to potential privileged account threats across the enterprise.

With experience working together on more than 50 successful client projects in multiple regions, KPMG and CyberArk can help your organization develop and implement a comprehensive PAM program that aligns with organizational priorities, risk appetite, and compliance needs. By combining a leading information security team with an advanced privileged account security technology solution, your organization can rapidly reduce the risk posed by unmanaged privileged accounts and address compliance needs related to access controls.

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