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CEO Outlook | Fast Facts

CEO Outlook | Fast Facts

An archive of some of the facts from the CEO Outlook Survey


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Fast Facts:

  • 2/3 of CEOs believe that the next 3 years will be more critical than the last 50 years  
  • CEOs report their top investment priorities in the next 3 years as being new product development (29%), cybersecurity solutions (26%), and increasing data analysis capabilities (24%) 
  • CEOs named data and analytics as a top three investment priority for the next three years. CEOs plan to dive into ever expanding data resources to develop new products and services as well as drive efficiencies and strategy.
  • CEOs report their top 3 strategic priorities over the next 3 years as being stronger client focus, fostering innovation, and talent development
  • 86% of U.S. CEOS are concerned with how the wants and needs of millennials will change the business 
  • CEOs believe that technological change will be one of the biggest factors impacting growth over the next three years, second only to economic factors. 
  • 39% of CEOs are changing the capital structure with debt financing 
  • 37% of CEOs are selling businesses assets or capabilities to other firms, in the pursuit of growth 
  • 19% of CEOs reveal that digitizing their business is a strategic priority
  • CEOs are more confident in growth prospects globally than in the U.S. over the next 12 months
  • CEOs see the engines for potential growth as India (44%), followed closely by the United States (37%) and China (36%). 
  • In an effort to drive shareholder value over the next three years, 68% of energy CEOs plan to focus on inorganic growth activities, such as utilizing acquisition or joint ventures to achieve growth or expansion in geographies and capabilities 
  • 65% of CEOs will be using disruptive technologies to increase sales
  • 32% of CEOs feel that their organizations are highly capable of connecting with startups in a beneficial way 
  • Financial incentives and Increasing benefits and vacation time is seen by 38% of CEOs as the best way to retain employees
  • 90% of CEOs are concerned with customer loyalty
  • 26% of CEOs are pursuing growth by merging with another firm 
  • 4 out of 10 CEOs expect to be running a completely different entity in 3 years time 
  • 51% of CEOS use D&A to develop new products and services
  • CEOs named cyber security as their greatest risk, followed closely by regulatory risk—evidence that a more connected, always-on operating model is shifting the risk landscape.  
  • Two-thirds of CEOs are turning to partnerships and nearly as many are looking at acquisitions for the technologies that give their products and services a competitive edge. 
  • Confidence in US economic growth is higher than confidence in global economic growth over the next 3 years
  • 41% of CEOs are changing their capital structure through equity such as dividend payouts and buybacks, in the pursuit of growth 
  • Customer loyalty is a concern for 90% of CEOs. Just over half believe they are not keeping pace with customer expectations.  
  • Struggling with innovation: only 29% of CEOs feel that their organization is highly capable of creating a safe to fail environment 
  • Over half of CEOs are looking to utilize disruptive technologies to improve non-financial reporting. 
  • 49% of CEOs use Data & Analytics to find new customers
  • CEOs have recognized that their current skills and experience may not be enough to succeed in the digital world. 87% of U.S. CEOs will acquire new competencies to gain new customers, add new products or services, or enter new markets. 
  • 85% of CEOs admit vulnerability about the amount of time they have to spend strategizing about the forces of disruption and innovation and an overwhelming majority are apprehensive about the integration of basic automated business processes with artificial intelligence and cognitive processes. 
  • Manufacturers are highly focused on achieving new growth. Yet, with limited baseline growth expected in most markets, only 19% of U.S. manufacturing CEOs are very confident in their companies’ prospects for growth over the next 12 months. 
  • New product development tops the list of U.S. CEOs’ investment priorities (29%)
  • 23% of U.S. CEOs say stronger client focus tops their list of strategic priorities 
  • Focused on Growth: Geographic expansion tops the list of strategic priorities for 19% U.S. CEOs.
  • 84% of U.S. CEOs expressed concern that regulations will inhibit their growth.
  • Setting the foundation: Only 25% of U.S. CEOs say innovation is embedded in everything they do.
  • 79% of CEOs rate their management teams as capable to highly capable when it comes to innovation acumen.
  • Life Sciences CEOs perceive innovation differently. CEOs are drug and device makers tend to view their industry as special with a higher purpose dedicated to improving patients’ lives. The 38 life sciences CEOs surveyed viewed their organizations’ own abilities tied to innovation as “somewhat important” rather than “very important.” 
  • 69% of U.S. CEOs are concerned about the number of additional mission critical issues that they have not grown up with or had experience on that require leadership. 
  • U.S. CEOs believe that technological change will be one of the biggest factors impacting growth over the next 3 years; second only to economic factors.
  • Anticipating Change: 30% of U.S. CEOs say their companies are highly capable at connecting with universities in a beneficial way. 
  • 81% of CEOs are concerned about the integration of basic automated business processes with artificial intelligence and cognitive processes
  • Automotive’s Clockspeed Dilemma – the need to balance traditional engineering ingenuity and quality with the faster clockspeeds of the new players entering the ecosystem.74% of auto CEOs think the next 3 years will be more critical for their companies than the last 50.  
  • In the pursuit of growth, 41% of CEOs are buying business assets or capabilities from other firms 

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