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Women Leading the Way

Women Leading the Way

At KPMG San Francisco, we’re committed to empowering women as they make a difference.

KPMG San Francisco

At KPMG, we offer a world of opportunity for women to learn to lead and to be recognized for bringing their best selves forward. This is also where our women inspire each other to boost their confidence and have courage to raise their hand. The vast leadership possibilities for women reach across local, state, regional, national and international areas. 

Local leaders: 

Debbie Messemer – Managing Partner

Fiona Grandi – National Strategic Growth Initiatives Leader

Melissa Hardaway – Tax Practice Partner in Charge

Burcin Nee – Diversity Networks Leader

Debbie Heard – KPMG Network of Women (KNOW) chapter leader

Discover more about KPMG’s San Francisco women professionals and how they are rising to the top for their numerous and noteworthy accomplishments.

We feature many special areas of interest where KPMG women are learning to lead and ready to serve throughout the firm and in their communities.

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