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BREXIT's implications for the U.S. Alternative Investments industry

BREXIT implications

British business is entering a new era.


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For questions regarding BREXIT and its potential economic, regulatory and business implications, which may impact participants in the alternative investments industry contact our alternative investments specialists:


Robert Mirksy, Global Head of KPMG’s Hedge Funds Practice

T: 858 750 7340



Yael Selfin, Head of Macroeconomics, KPMG UK                            

T: +44 20 73112074                                    


Constance Hunter, Chief Economist, KPMG LLP

T: 212 954 3396



Charles Muller, Partner, Regulatory Consulting, KPMG Luxembourg

T: 3522251517950



Don Scott, Director, Regulatory Consulting, KPMG Ireland

T: 35317004756



Phil Marra, National Real Estate Funds Leader, KPMG LLP

T: 212 954 7864



Kevin Valek, National Private Equity Funds Leader, KPMG LLP

T: 212 872 5520



British business is entering a new era. Companies are concerned and need time to assess the implications. Businesses will adapt to the new landscape, but KPMG is here to work with you, preparing for any scenario and providing support in the months ahead.

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