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Taking the Retail Alts Plunge

Taking the Retail Alts Plunge

Considerations before launching a retail alternative investment fund


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  • The retail alt funds attraction
  • Key regulatory and tax Limitations on retail alt funds
  • The retail alt funds challenge
  • Why pension plans may favor retail alt funds

The past several years have seen tremendous growth in the retail alternative funds market (retail alt funds), with annual growth of 23 percent since 2008. And total assets held by retail alt funds have jumped to nearly $450 billion from less than $50 billion in 2008, with growth expected to continue.

While the retail alt funds market holds much promise for managers of existing hedge funds, there are a host of regulatory requirements and strategic considerations that need to be addressed before you decide to launch one.

We discuss a number of these issues in this article, including the possibility of cannibalizing an existing hedge fund and the increased regulation on retail funds.

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