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Combating spear phishing attacks in government

Combating spear phishing attacks in government

Spear phishing continues to be a concern for the federal government. Agencies that fail to invest in preventative measures and do not have a rapid response plan in place are especially vulnerable to attacks. Agencies need to educate their workforce about the dangers of phishing and train them on what to look for and how to react.


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The need for sound security practices and controls is imperative to help protect against a growing swell of sophisticated cyber threats. Targeted attacks, including those perpetrated via e-mail, such as spear phishing, have become commonplace. In fact, spear phishing attacks now account for 91 percent of all modern attacks. Additionally, it is almost certain that these attacks will increase in frequency and sophistication as agencies expand the use of digital assets and unstructured data.

Organizations stand to lose far more than their intellectual property in the aftermath of spear phishing attack. Damage to reputation and public trust can be just as devastating as theft of property and secrets.

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