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Are your files sharing too much?

Are your files sharing too much?

Many government agencies invest in protecting their network perimeter but have not considered the security of their internal file shares. File share configurations and/or access may not be reviewed consistently, leaving data exposed.


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Many organizations depend on file shares to allow efficient sharing between employees, to save files in a central repository for future use or to archive files on an agency server. File shares are generally viewed as secure and a safe place to store data. Unfortunately, government agencies aren’t the only ones who know this.

Increasingly, access to file shares and knowledge of content on shares is becoming a primary concern for organizations. Simultaneously, threat actors are also becoming wise to file shares and are including these as top-priority items when navigating a compromised network. Threat actors have discovered severalvulnerabilities that may allow for unauthorized, and even undetected, access to file shares and the sensitive data within. By gaining access to a file share, threat actors can browse, steal or delete important data without much resistance.

This paper examines important considerations for government agencies as they review the protection of their file shares.

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