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The Washington Report | For the week ended March 4, 2016

The Washington Report | For week ended March 4, 2016

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Safety & Soundness

  • Federal Reserve Releases Proposed Rule for Single-Counterparty Credit Limits
  • Agencies Issue Guidance on Funds Transfer Pricing Related to Funding and Contingency Liquidity Risk
  • Agencies Issue FAQ for Capital Treatment of Qualifying Trust Preferred Securities Backed by Collateralized Debt Obligations under the Volcker Rule
  • Federal Reserve Issues Guidance to Examiners Regarding Reliance on Regulators’ Report for Insured Depository Institution Subsidiaries
  • Basel Committee Publishes Proposed Revisions to the Operational Risk Framework
  • Basel Committee Publishes Basel III Monitoring Report 

Enterprise & Consumer Compliance

  • CFPB Issues Monthly Complaint Report
  • FTC Report Annual Summary of Consumer Complaints
  • Agencies Issue Guidance on the Use of Evaluations in the Place of Appraisals
  • FDIC Issues Guidance on Expectations for Abandoned Foreclosures
  • CFPB Adopts Application Process for Rural Designation
  • Enforcement Actions 


  • Financial Stability Oversight Council Meets in Executive Session
  • FIO Requests Insurance Data on Participation in the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program 

Capital Markets & Investment Management

  • FINRA Seeks Rule Change for Alternative Trading Systems Reporting Information
  • FINRA Seeks Rule Change to Shorten Settlement Cycle
  • IOSCO Publishes 2016 Risk Outlook for the Securities Markets 

Financial Crimes

  • OCC Issues Guidance Related to BSA Enforcement Actions
  • Enforcement Actions

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