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Audit Quality

Audit Quality

Our mission to enhance audit quality aligns with that of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and we view the inspection process as an extension of our high-performance culture and continuous improvement mindset.


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Commitment to the public interest

Our audit reports directly and indirectly shape financial and business
practices, and influence investment decision-making in the capital markets. We acknowledge this is a significant responsibility; it drives our constant
improvement mindset and is supported by our core values.

At KPMG, we transform our pledge of audit quality into action through our
dedication to objectivity and independence, transparent and ongoing dialogue
with stakeholders, and investments in our people and the tools and resources
that support their work. Senior leadership designs and sets the tone at the
top, and has built a culture that makes clear that audit quality is not just a
priority; it is an imperative.

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