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With the pace of business only increasing, more companies depend on a growing number of new and disruptive technologies to support their mission and maintain competitive advantage. At the same time, CIOs must respond quickly to evolving markets, think in terms of revenue objectives, and truly run IT as a business. These factors put tremendous pressure on CIOs. They need to support greater speed, agility, and efficiency, even while ensuring quality, compliance, and security – a tall order.

Managing the technology organization as a business requires CIOs to become the “CEOs” of their IT organizations. This means evaluating working capital, plan, and forecast requirements, and adapting to the changing needs of the client. KPMG refers to this approach as Technology Business Management (TBM) – enabling a more efficient and effective IT organization.

To maximize value, the IT function must evolve from a service provider to a strategic business leader. This cannot happen without true transformation within IT. KPMG can help you become the strategic technology partner that your business requires. We offer an experienced viewpoint and objective advice to help enable the business of the IT organization. Our professionals work closely with you to provide candid assessments and recommendations, as well as valuable support to help in the change process.

KPMG leverages Apptio’s SaaS-based TBM software to deliver complete TBM solutions to large IT organizations globally. KPMG professionals are trained as certified practitioners on the Apptio TBM solution and deliver services that help companies implement and leverage the power of Apptio. These services enable you to bridge the gap between Business and IT. They provide deep visibility into the trade-offs between cost, quality, and performance so you can strategically align your operational and financial processes. Finally…you can prove the value of IT in terms that your business partners can truly get excited about.

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