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Infrastructure 100 World Markets Report

Infrastructure 100 World Markets Report


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Louis Armstrong famously saw trees of green, red roses too – marvels of nature that light up people’s lives and make them joyfully proclaim: “What a wonderful world”. It’s a timeless song about the present, but also the future and a subtle hope that each new generation will be better off than the last.

That’s how we at KPMG feel about infrastructure. We see optimism. We see social impact. We see economic value. We see a better world supported by projects that are desperately needed, those that are opportunistic, and others that are truly visionary. Many of the 100 projects across different global markets listed in this publication are a delicate balance of all three traits. Some projects are operational, others are under construction or in the latter stages of development. Yet for those that are still only designs and dreams,where should society focus – on necessity or opportunity? 

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