Thailand, Film Financing and Television Programming: A Taxation Guide

Thailand, Film Financing and Television Programming


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A foreign company carrying on business in Thailand, whether through a branch, an office, an employee, or an agent, is subject to a current rate of 20 percent tax on profits derived from its business in Thailand.1 An individual, depending on the income earned, is subject to tax at the current progressive rates of 0 percent to 35 percent on income earned in Thailand.2 There are 59 double tax agreements in force between Thailand and other countries to reduce taxes levied on foreign filmmakers.  

1 The 20 percent rate shall be applied for accounting years starting on or before 31 December 2015, according to the Royal Decree No. 577. The rate will return to the 30 percent statutory rate unless there is government action to reduce the rate permanently or temporarily, which has been done since 2011. 

2 The progressive rates from 0% to 35 percent are applicable for 2015, according to Royal Decree No. 576. The highest statutory marginal rate of 37 percent shall apply in 2016 unless there is government action to reduce the rate permanently or temporarily. 

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