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Poland, Film Financing and Television Programming: A Taxation Guide

Poland, Film Financing and Television Programming


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With the introduction of the Cinematography Act and the creation of the Polish Film Institute (PFI) in 2005, the world of Polish cinema has changed significantly over the past few years. The State supports the film industry in Poland by providing public grants for film production, selected festivals and events, developing archives, education and professional training, as well as for promotion of the Polish film industry abroad. 

The principal role of the PFI consists of the provision of subsidies and loans within the frames of four operational programmes: 

1) Film production; 

2) Film education and dissemination of film culture; 

3) Development of cinema infrastructure; 

4) Promotion of Polish film abroad. 

In a nutshell, the PFI supports film production at every stage of the making of a film; it awards screenwriting scholarships and funding for the development and production of features, documentaries, and animated films. The PFI allocates money for activities, such as preparing the financial plan and set documentation, searching for investors and coproducers, writing the script, script doctoring, visual designs, screen tests, producing trailers, etc.

The PFI also supports the development and production of film projects with the participation of foreign producers.

The PFI has allocated a sum of approximately EUR 31 million for the accomplishment of the above tasks.

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