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KPMG and Thomson Reuters | Indirect Tax

KPMG and Thomson Reuters | Indirect Tax

Complexity of this scale requires automation. Manual solutions and ERP systems simply leave too much to chance.

Complexity of this scale requires automation.

Helping to reduce complexity, risk, and cost

KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Thomson Reuters provide a complete set of services and technology that can help clients reduce the costs and risks of error in managing indirect taxes and use taxes. KPMG’s Indirect Tax Practice and Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax technology can help multi-national companies manage, calculate, and report taxes, while helping to ensure accuracy, compliance, and avoidance of risk.

The ONESOURCE tax determination engine integrates with existing ERP systems or backend financial applications in real-time. All enterprise applications can use a single, scalable instance of the tax engine, enabling you to enforce business-specific tax policy consistently across multiple systems. KPMG is experienced in adapting the engine to meet the unique global requirements of the Consumer markets, Financial services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and other sectors. 

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