Business Service Applications

Business Service Applications


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Extending your ServiceNow platform to business service applications beyond IT, such as HR, procurement, or R&D, presents a host of new opportunities for organizations. Easyto-use form and workflow-driven applications can be deployed quickly and without the need to source, procure, or prepare a new environment.

New applications on ServiceNow can:

  • Leverage your existing instance and foundational data such as locations, users, and the information from any other application already deployed in ServiceNow 
  • Deploy quickly with a relatively small amount of development and configuration effort
  • Develop a prototype quickly to demonstrate functionality to stakeholders

Challenges presented to organizations:

  • How to transition an IT Service Management (ITSM)-focused platform to one applicable to a broader business audience
  • How to best enforce governance on a new instance of the platform
  • How to continuously improve your ITSM platform applications while making room for and planning to support new business applications
  • How to identify new applications as candidates for the ServiceNow platform 
  • How to manage groups of developers working in the same developmentenvironment

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