Real Estate Tax in the Administration's Budget

Real Estate Tax in the Administration's Budget

Highlights of tax proposals in the administration's fiscal year 2016 budget of potential interest to the real estate industry.


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KPMG has prepared a 111-page book that summarizes and makes observations about the revenue proposals in the Administration’s FY 2016 budget. For ease of reference, we have compiled our summaries and observations relating to certain specific industries and topics in separate booklets. This booklet highlights revenue proposals that may be of interest to the real estate industry. Other booklets will address proposals relating tothe following topics:

  • International Tax
  • General Corporate Tax
  • Tax Accounting
  • Business Tax Credits
  • Financial Institutions & Products
  • Passthrough Entities
  • Practice, Procedures, & Administration
  • Charitable Deductions & Exempt Organizations
  • Compensation, Benefits, & Qualified Plans
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Insurance
  • Taxation of Individuals
  • Closely-Held Businesses and Their Owners

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