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Privately Speaking: Insights on private company growth

Privately Speaking: Insights on private company growth

Practical insights from private company insiders

Practical insights from private company insiders

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Winning in a digital world

Stuck between a rapidly digitizing economy and rising competitive pressure from “digital native” upstarts, many private market leaders are now highly focused on creating, implementing, and maintaining their digital and social strategies. Do they have the resources to compete? We believe that they do.

Let’s be clear: “privately held” does not mean “digitally-naive.” Quite to the contrary, many of the most innovative digital companies in the US today are privately held entities. But there are also a significant number of privately held companies who see the current wave of technological disruption as more of a threat than an opportunity.

“If you stick your head in the sand for too long, you are going to find yourself standing all alone in the desert, left behind by your digital peers,” noted Brian Hughes, KPMG’s National Private Markets Group leader. “You certainly do not want to invest into every fad or new idea, but you do need to be thinking about how you can leverage digital to improve your performance, manage your risks, and drive your growth if you hope to survive in this digital economy.”

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About the Privately Speaking series

Privately Speaking tackles the issues that privately held entities, including private equity- and venture capital-backed companies care about most. In each edition we’ll share insights, as well as practical, actionable tips, to help boards and executive management grow, strengthen and transition their privately-held businesses.

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