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Privately Speaking: Insights on private company growth

Privately Speaking: Insights on private company growth

Practical insights from private company insiders

Practical insights from private company insiders

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Scaling for growth: Lessons from successful CEOs and entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs looking to start a business, the environment has never been as positive as it is today. But while starting a business may be relatively easy, getting to the next level can often be much more difficult.

In this edition of Privately Speaking, we share some of the insights heard at the recent 2018 Collision Conference on how to grow a business.

Named by Forbes magazine as one of North America’s fastest growing tech conferences, Collision played host to more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, startups, big technology companies, and investors who came together to share insights and discuss key trends related to technology and innovation. During the conference, numerous successful CEOs and entrepreneurs shared advice on how to scale a business. We compiled the 10 lessons we learned from listening to the speakers, walking the floor, and attending the events at this year’s Collision Conference.



About the Privately Speaking series

Privately Speaking tackles the issues that privately held entities, including private equity- and venture capital-backed companies care about most. In each edition we’ll share insights, as well as practical, actionable tips, to help boards and executive management grow, strengthen and transition their privately-held businesses.

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