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Meet the Team

D&A is in Our DNA

Data & Analytics is an enterprise change that impacts all aspects of an organization. That’s why KPMG has combined the expertise of a diverse, cross-disciplinary team of professionals with both technical and personnel perspectives to the challenges of Big Data to help clients achieve their goals:

What do the professionals who fall into these categories do? Here are a few examples:


Data Scientists

Data scientists, for example, have deep understanding in the methods of information processing and modeling. They bring skills in complex problem solving utilizing education and experience in advanced mathematics, statistics and computer science.


Domain Experts

Domain experts offer experience in one or more industries of interest to KPMG’s clients, with analytic backgrounds and expertise in problem solving. They act as conduits between the subject matter pertinent to our clients’ and the data scientists and software engineers building solutions and solving problems.


Software Engineers

Software engineers—Big Data architects, and visualization engineers—bring capabilities in constructing the software and hardware architectures to store, access, and transform structured and unstructured data.

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