The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies

The Changing Landscape of Disruptive Technologies

Global Technology Innovation Insights - Fall 2014

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Now in its third year, KPMG’s publication entitled “The changing landscape of disruptive technologies – Global Technology Innovation Insights” answers this very question. The democratization of technology and knowledge enabled by cloud, mobile, and social are creating exponential opportunities for emerging technologies to be adopted and industries to be disrupted.

The rewards for embracing new technologies run deep. From productivity gains to cost efficiencies, to quicker innovation cycles and increased customer value. The disruption we are seeing today is redefining what a product and a service is - from hotel rooms to transportation and digital currencies – to name a few.

Innovation will continue to be a critical differentiator in most industries as organizations are continually competing to develop the next generation of products and services to add economic value.

Publiaction is available only in English version.

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