Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation

Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation

In Seeking Alpha in Business Transformation, Jim Suglia, the National Sector Leader of KPMG’s Investment Management practice, emphasizes the importance of leveraging leading-edge data management practices, improving customer analytics, deploying more scalable information technology systems, and streamlining business processes.

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Principal, Advisory, National Practice Leader - Alternative Investments

KPMG in the U.S.


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Eight steps that investment managers can take to increase the odds that they will succeed in transforming their businesses. These steps are designed to tackle industry-wide problems, such as deficient information technology systems, duplicative business processes, employee resistance to change, and ineffective data supply chain management.  

1. Build a target operating model that aligns to the business strategy

2. Ensure that your operating model build-out streamlines and simplifies processes

3. Engage operational staff

4. Confront and manage the data supply chain

5. Build a sustainable data architecture

6. Move up the analytic maturity curve

7. Bring data to life with visualization and context

8. Reconfigure regulatory compliance and reporting function

Download our white paper for more on the 8 steps to help you transform your business.

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