Real estate accounting and reporting: The impact of new standards and guidance

Real estate accounting and reporting: The impact ...

It is critical for real estate entities to fully understand current financial accounting, regulatory and compliance reporting requirements. This level of awareness reduces the inherent risks of various transactions, as well as their overall business operations, enabling these entities to be in full compliance with the relevant standards of reporting and to provide the appropriate levels of transparency expected by their key stakeholders.

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This paper provides technical guidance on current requirements as well as forthcoming accounting rules including the guidelines necessary to apply fair value accounting and reporting for investment companies. There is also information on the current regulatory environment of the marketplace, providing a very focused and relevant look at the prevalent issues, as well as broad guidance on how to address these issues most effectively. This paper can assist real estate companies and funds with their 2013 financial accounting, regulatory, and compliance reporting requirements and will prepare them on the forthcoming accounting rules that will continue to challenge and improve upon existing GAAP requirements.

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