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KPMG LLP is a proud co-sponsor of FundForum USA. KPMG offers a variety of resources to help you stay ahead of the key issues and trends impacting business and industry. We provide multiple opportunities to gain technical knowledge and increase your understanding of new developments and trends that can affect your business through thought leadership and numerous Webcasts and forums. Our team of professionals will help you monitor new legislation and show you how to stay connected to recent technical and industry developments.

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Thought Leadership

The Cost of Compliance

The Cost of Compliance

As the hedge fund sector becomes increasingly institutionalized, it seems clear that managers have started to come under ever-greater scrutiny, particularly from regulators.

Evolving Investment Management Regulation

Evolving Investment Management Regulation Third annual report cuts through the complexity of the global regulatory landscape for the investment management industry, providing an overview of current and upcoming regulations, the challenges and opportunities they present and the implications on investment business.

Investment Management Industry Outlook Survey

Evolving Investment Management Regulation According to the results of KPMG LLP’s 2013 Investment Management Industry Outlook survey, investment managers looking to capitalize on technology advancements and seize new investment opportunities will fare the best.

Investment Management: Rising to the Risk and Compliance Challenge

Investment Management: Rising to the Risk and Compliance Challenge While unprecedented regulatory reform is reshaping the way many industries conduct business, the financial services sector has, by far, felt the greatest impact of new—and increasingly complex—regulation.

Fair Valuation of Investments - Considerations for Registered Investment Companies

Fair Valuation of Investments - Considerations for Registered Investment Companies As a result of recent cases brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission against registered investment companies and their directors related to the fair valuation of investments as well as the focus on this issue from other regulators, mutual fund boards of directors and management are reassessing their fair valuation practices with the goal of continual improvement.


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