Unlocking the Value Hidden in Real Estate Holdings: REIT Conversion

Unlocking the Value Hidden in Real Estate Holding...

While real estate investment trusts (REITs) have long provided property owners an efficient operating structure, more companies are now rethinking how to uncover additional value from their real estate assets via REIT conversion.

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Traditional REIT investments typically include properties such as retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, hotels and apartment buildings. However, businesses that don’t conform to these traditional categories are seizing innovative opportunities to convert to a REIT structure based on other income-producing properties such as timber, casinos, storage facilities, cell towers, billboards and other infrastructure assets.

Although the benefits of operating as a REIT can be attractive—including access to additional sources of capital—the decision to convert to a REIT structure should only be made after the careful consideration and analysis of a wide range of factors.

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