A Clear Perspective on Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare Transformation

Consolidation. Accountable care. Meaningful use. ICD-10. Clinical intelligence. Insurance reform. These are just some of the changes appearing across today’s healthcare landscape.

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The question is: How will these changes affect providers, payors, pharmaceutical companies, governments, and other healthcare industry stakeholders? Can these organizations continue to work with their current business models?

For many, it will mean a major transformation—even disruption— in the way they manage their businesses. But that isn’t all bad. 

Disruption often opens the door to opportunity. In this case, it’s the opportunity to benefit from the industry’s converging interests and its realignment of priorities and incentives to build a sustainable business advantage.

The path forward often starts with adopting a fresh perspective on the organization and determining its willingness to change its business model, its legacy market relationships, and even its culture. It also means strategic business planning to help address the people, process, and information technology issues affecting healthcare organizations now.

So where can organizations and their stakeholders turn for help with the challenges of healthcare transformation? To the dedicated professionals of KPMG. Read more about healthcare transformation and KPMG.

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