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U.S. India Corridor

U.S. India Corridor

Prime Minister Modi has been taking steps to boost sentiment and stimulate the country’s economy. The new pro-business government has taken concrete steps to transform the business landscape, including increasing transparency, further liberalizing industry sectors, and launching manufacturing initiatives, such as Make in India. A business case for direct investment in India rests on how well a company understands ground-level impediments such as red-tapism, lack of infrastructure and a changing tax and regulatory regime - and formulates a long-term strategy for dealing with them.

KPMG’s U.S. International Corridors network understands the complexities of entering and operating in India and collaborates with organizations such as the US-India Business Council, the Confederation of Indian Industry, Asia Society and many others to provide insights for our clients and potential clients. Our mission is to bring all KPMG capabilities to the needs of India companies operating in the U.S. and U.S. companies operating in India.


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