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U.S. Brazil Corridor

U.S. Brazil Corridor

Tax News Updates on Brazil Treaties (Russia, India and Spain)

Brazil has recently been taking part in the international tax scenario, participating in BEPS, and has submitted a formal request to become a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”).

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With a strong currency, controlled inflation, a democratic political system and press freedom, Brazil offers a stable economic environment for long term investments, specifically related to transports and social infrastructure. By 2030, Brazil is expected to become the 8th largest economy, entering for the G-8 group of the world’s leading economies.

KPMG’s International Corridors network of local and in-country professionals collaborates with organizations serving companies that are investing and doing business in the region to provide our clients insights and assistance in gaining local knowledge and developing success strategies.

Americas Real SnapShot

Insights on the ever-changing markets and opportunities across the Americas region.

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Brazil - New Migration Law Ushers in Significant Reforms

The Migration Law establishes the rights and duties of immigrants and visitors, and the principles and guidelines regarding related public policies.

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Latin America M&A update (Q1 2017)

Summary of M&A activities and other related topics of interest.

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Tax News: Brazil Submits a Formal Request to Join OECD

The request to join the OECD is part of the government’s strategy to regain the confidence of foreign investors into the Brazilian economy.

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Challenges of Transformation, Regulatory issues and Financing for ENR sector in Brazil and Latin America

KPMG's ENR leader partners will discuss over three main challenges faced by companies of this sector. (Portuguese language webcast)

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Ratification update; income tax treaty with Russia

An income tax treaty between Brazil and Russia has been ratified in Brazil on 1 August 2017.

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