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CFOs are leading the path for transformation.

CFOs are leading the path for transformation


With a shift from volume to value, decreased margins, and portfolio rationalization, healthcare and life sciences CFOs must navigate a sea of change.  Learn how KPMG can assist CFOs improve operational effectiveness, implement strategic plans, drive profitable growth, and instate a governance model.

Access is Power

Learn why every healthcare executive should care about Access Management.

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Navigating the Final Rule

The government pricing final rule directs numerous changes and introduces new risks and opportunities.

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A Calculated Risk

Get an insider’s look at what it takes to evaluate the viability of launching a provider-owned health plan, and how to scale one effectively post-launch.

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Change is Local

Review our market-level analysis of healthcare’s emerging value economy

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Healthcare Must Climb the Analytics Maturity Ladder

Use electronic health records and analytics-derived insights to improve short-term outcomes.

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Get the Score You Need: Documenting for Quality

The payment model of the future will not be possible without concise, actionable documentation.

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What Works: Medical Cost Management

Systematic and strategic use of data and analytics can lead to targeted and efficient medical management operations.

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