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CFOs are leading the path for transformation.

CFOs are leading the path for transformation

A Preemptive Strike

Higher quantifiable quality will ultimately influence growth, strategy, and brand.

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With a shift from volume to value, decreased margins, and portfolio rationalization, healthcare and life sciences CFOs must navigate a sea of change.  Learn how KPMG can assist CFOs improve operational effectiveness, implement strategic plans, drive profitable growth, and instate a governance model.

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What Does the Future Hold for the Tax Provisions of the Affordable Care Act?

Review the path legislation might take and the aspects of current healthcare law that could change.

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Medicare Advantage Insight Study

Medicare Advantage may help health plans transition from volume to value.

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Improving the Value of Divestitures

Reduce costs and improve value through strategic M&A transition management.

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A Window to the Future

Global business services yield sustainable improvements and unlock value.

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