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CIO Insights

Drive value and chart the success of the enterprise.

CIO Insights

The Day After

How hospitals should respond after a cyber attack

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The CIO Agenda

Organizational and market drivers are increasing pressure on CIOs.  At the enterprise level there is demand for IT cost reduction, performance improvement and a proven ROI.  There is also a need for analytics to provide
greater transparency and insight.  In the market, there is an increase in regulations and compliance, M&A, reimbursement pressure and the need to actively engage consumers. Cyber threats are everywhere. Learn how KPMG can assist CIOs in the areas of optimizing operations by leveraging IT, protecting the enterprise, enabling connectivity, supporting transformational change and leveraging analytics to gain actionable insights.

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Intelligent Augmentation

Digital labor, from robotics to cognitive

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IT Separation - Thinking Ahead to Retain Value

Learn how a well-planned business separation can avoid the pitfalls of grief, costs and disruption and unlock the maximum untapped value.

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Digital Health: Heaven or Hell?

Technology can drive or derail the quest for efficient, high quality health care.

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Harvey Nash/ KPMG CIO Survey

Healthcare IT budget is outpacing broader industry.

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CIO Imperatives

Find out what is on the CIO Agenda with KPMG’s Real Insights series

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