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Operational excellence

Operational excellence

KPMG teams up with the NBA to help solve its scheduling challenges.

KPMG teams up with the NBA to help solve its scheduling challenges.

Performance matters as much today as it will tomorrow. While operational processes will continue to evolve between now and then, striving to achieve operational excellence will remain a steadfast goal for leading organizations. Working jointly with you, we can help you gain a competitive advantage through the continuous improvement of operational processes across your enterprise. We focus on helping you implement sustainable strategies that increase organizational efficiencies and cost-effectiveness today, while accelerating the potential of operational enhancements in the future.

Automation: The new business imperative

Take a seat with our roundtable of industry innovators at Pizza Beach in the Lower East Side to discuss how technology is changing the way customers are served.

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Rise of the robots

Robotic process automation can cut cost for financial services firms by up to 75 percent.

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Labor and the future of finance

The evolving partnership between humans and machines is helping transform the finance function.

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Six big bets for digital transformation

Forty-four percent of large organizations have an enterprise-wide digital vision and strategy, but 35% have them only within individual business units.

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Coming together while splitting the business

Discover the principles of success and the snares to avoid when creating an operating model for a spin-off company.

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Anticipate tomorrow. Deliver today.

Companies must meet today’s business objectives while constantly innovating and transforming to be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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