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Business leaders have long understood the power—and the threat—of disruptive innovation. Now, they must embrace it.

Business leaders have long understood the power—and the threat—of disruptive innovation. Now, they must embrace it.

New thinking, accelerating technologies, and market disruption offers the potential to reinvent business. To realize such opportunity, organizations need to encourage, embrace and reward innovation and continually adapt their business models to take advantage of fresh ideas and up-and-coming possibilities. At KPMG, innovation is at our core. Through our dynamic network of innovation capabilities, we can help your business seize new opportunities today while cultivating the seeds of tomorrow’s potential.

Transforming a business

Business transformation is a complex challenge on every professional’s mind. Join us as we sit down with a Grammy-nominated music producer and the proprietor of New York’s iconic Katz’s Deli to discuss successful change.

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Blockchain accelerates insurance transformation

Major insurance companies are investing in it. Consortiums are forming. And, investors are pouring in capital. But, just four years ago nobody had heard of blockchain.

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See the future, act now: Predictive analytics and fixed asset management

Companies continue to make decisions by looking back at what may have gone wrong. Instead, leading organizations are using new analytics tools to predict the future.

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Thriving in a digital world

Accelerating advances in technology are changing the rules and risks of business, which means market leaders need to operate and think differently.

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Journey to the cloud: The creative CIO agenda

For many organizations, implementing cloud computing and getting value from it are not necessarily synonymous.

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Crossing the enterprise digital divide

Explore the current state of digital and mobile capabilities across industries. How will the landscape change in three years?

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Emerging developments in tax

Learn more about how D&A and digital labor may impact financial reporting and analysis.

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Anticipate tomorrow. Deliver today.

Companies must meet today’s business objectives while constantly innovating and transforming to be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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