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Tax, Transparency and Responsibility

Tax, Transparency and Responsibility

The debate on responsible behaviour, morality and ethics in relation to tax is at the forefront of the political and news agenda.

The debate on responsible behaviour in tax is at the forefront of the political agenda.

Tax Transparency and Responsibility

Global, cross-border tax is complex and ultimately every citizen around the world is impacted by it.

We are keen to develop a shared understanding of how responsible tax is best defined, what it looks like in practice and how this is beneficial for our clients and society as a whole.

Between 2014 and 2016 KPMG in the UK were pleased to support the ‘Responsible Tax for the Common Good’ project with the think tank, CoVi, bringing a broad coalition of voices and opinions together from over 170 individual stakeholders. More recently KPMG International have built on this with a global initiative to develop a shared understanding of how responsible tax at an international level works across corporations and tax jurisdictions, and for both advanced and emerging economies. By driving an inclusive discussion, all stakeholders can contribute to responsible global tax behaviour, action and advice.  – join the debate.

In the UK we continue to be active in this global initiative and are also looking at the issue of public trust in business more broadly than purely in tax terms. 


Invitation - Responsible Tax Reimagined: Idea Exchange

Date and time: 19 September 2018, 8:15 to 13:15 

Location: The Charterhouse, Charterhouse Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 6AN

As part of our global Responsible Tax project we are holding a special one-day working event to examine the issue of What to Tax? As part of the event, we will also share insights and learnings from the last three years on the Responsible Tax journey. 

When we consider how different the world looks today, whether it be regulatory developments, technological innovation, globalization, new business or consumer demands, we need to ask whether the present tax systems are fit for today’s realities. If not, how do we reimagine tax for a modern, globally-connected and digitally-driven world?

This is an important question and we believe it requires a wide range of voices and perspectives to arrive at meaningful answers. At this one-day Festival of Tax, we will bring together approximately 100 voices on this topic—from tax leaders of multinational organizations to policy makers to academics to NGOs. We hope your voice will be one of them.

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