Tax Policy Cycle

Tax Policy Cycle

Keep up to date with insights and commentary on developments during the UK tax policy cycle.

Insights and commentary on developments during the UK tax policy cycle.

Tax policy announcements matter to you and your business. Understanding the tax policy cycle and reviewing new policies from every angle can help your organisation to stay ahead of the curve.

The UK tax policy cycle comprises the Chancellor’s Budget, Finance Bill, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill Draft Clauses. Although lead times vary, policies generally take around 16 months from announcement (at Autumn Statement or Budget Day) through to Finance Act. This means there’s often scope to provide input into consultation processes.

At KPMG, we publish our insights and commentary on the tax policy cycle here. We also produce commentary documents for the Chancellor’s Budget, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill Draft Clauses to give you an overview of all the important points.

If you have any comments on these publications, you can contact the named individual on the relevant policy document.

For any general enquiries about tax law or policy and how it affects your business, call us today.

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