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Tax Disputes and Investigations

Tax Disputes and Investigations

Reduce the stress of a tax investigation or having to make a voluntary disclosure to the tax authorities with the help of our expert advice.

We help with a tax investigation or making a voluntary disclosure to the tax authorities.

If you’re looking for guidance on any aspect of a tax dispute or investigation, call our helpline on 0800 970 9690 to set up a free meeting or talk to a specialist today.

Our team has extensive experience of managing enquiries from all parts of HMRC.

What's Your issue?

• Personal tax enquiry

• Business tax enquiry

• Employer compliance

• VAT reviews

• Voluntary disclosure

• Planning arrangements

• Fraud investigation

• Litigation

• Other HMRC relationship matter

• Tax governance & controls

• Pre-sale enquiry resolution


What needs to be done?

• Proactive risk assessment

• Voluntary disclosure

• Contain scope of HMRC enquiry

• Response to information request

• Presentation of evidence

• Articulation of technical position

• HMRC penalty challenge

• Settlement proposal

• Preparation for litigation


What we do

• Facilitate disclosures

• Manage HMRC enquiries

• Help clients present their case

• Negotiate settlement positions

• Mediation

• Navigation of HMRC governance

• Litigation

• Build relationship with HMRC

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